The Division Today

The Foot Guards are supremely professional. They perform a dual role, that of combat soldier and ceremonial.

Most people are surprised to learn that the soldiers in the Household Division are first and foremost - fighting soldiers - who are at the forefront of commitment to the UN, NATO and our own security and welfare.

Household Division

Over the centuries they have fought in almost all the major campaigns that the British Army have been involved in and that is still true today, All the five regiments of Foot Guards are either in, have just retuned from, or are training for, operations in Afghanistan.

Their high standard of training is recognised world-wide and the NCOs and Warrant Officers are often called on by numerous countries to instill in their own forces the ethos, of both the ceremonial training and the intricacies of command and control of modern warfare.

The Household Division is made up of seven regiments

The Life Guards

The Blues and Royals

Grenadier Guards

Coldstream Guards

Scots Guards

Irish Guards

Welsh Guards

Within the Household Division the following elements are also attached

Nijmegan Company - Grenadier Guards, (incremental company)

No 7 Company - Coldstream Guards, (incremental company)

F Company - Scots Guards, (incremental company)

The Guards Company, 2nd Battalion Infantry Training Centre (Catterick)

The Guards Parachute Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment

London Regiment

Her Majesty The Queen is Colonel in Chief of all the regiments that go to make up the Household Division.

The Command of the Household Division is made up of the following

Major General

ADC to the Major General

Brigade Major (usually a Lieutenant Colonel)

Staff Captain

Staff Officer Ceremonial

Superintending Clerk

Garrison Sergeant Major

The mounted and foot elements have their own command chain under the above

Household Cavalry

Colonel of The Life Guards

Colonel of The Blues and Royals


Regiment Adjutant

Headquarters Foot Guards

Lieutenant Colonel Foot Guards

Staff Officer Recruiting

Staff Officer Recruiting APC Glasgow