Schools & Education

We are very keen to encourage schools to visit the museum. We have one of the best regimental military museums in the country. Not only can we trace over 360 years of military history but also service to the Sovereign as we have been the royal body-guards to the Sovereign since Charles I reign.

To this end a number of initiatives have been put into place to make the visit of school children both enjoyable and informative.

We have a Museum trail, which children of all ages can fill in. It starts off given the children an insight into the present-day uniforms worn. Then follows on with the history of the regiments from the earliest times to the present day.

The trail contains line drawings to be coloured, complete the missing letters, this encourages children to read the captions. For this children are encouraged to bring their own coloured pencils.

We also provide a questionnaire where the children have to find hidden within the museum various objects.

We also have the facilities for children to have their photographs taken dressed in a real full dress jacket and bearskin and a present day combat helmet (for this the teachers would need to provided the camera). This facility is only available for small parties.

We have seating areas within the museum grounds where the children can eat their lunch, before coming into the museum or moving on to another venue.

A visit can also coincide with the viewing of Changing The Guard, from Birdcage Walk or Buckingham Palace.

All the museum staff are CRB checked and are knowledgeable on their subject.

Whilst there is no charge for children, we would expect a ratio of 1 teachers to every 15 children and whilst you are in the museum it is the teachers responsibility to exercise control over their pupils. There is no charge for our services but as we are an unfunded museum a donation would be gratefully accepted.