Aims and Ideals

The Museum is committed to providing a safe and secure repository for artefacts belonging to the five regiments of Her Majesty’s Foot Guards. The museum strives to make these artefacts available for viewing by members of these regiments as well as by the general public.

The trustees and the curator seek to provide a representative selection of exhibits for display and rotate these from time to time with other exhibits, either from the reserve collection or from items on loan from other collections.

The collection is primarily intended as an educational aid to help young Guardsmen learn about their regimental heritage and to show a wider audience the multi-faceted nature of their operational lives both in combat and on ceremonial duties.

The Curator advises the major broadcasting companies on the military ceremonial aspects of State Occasions.

The museum seeks to assist the Army Heritage Branch in promoting interest in the Army in general and The Guards in particular. We are also committed to upholding the good name and reputation of the Household Division in the preservation and development of the collection and the interpretation of it for future generations.

The museum was registered with the MLA in 1999 and received accredited status in November 2008.